Thursday, July 24, 2008

To glaze or not to glaze .... that is the question

********************EDITED TO ADD*******************************

Another sneak peek - but only because I need your opinion .... these are the cabinets that we recently had painted ...

This is my kitchen bar - it was glazed dark. I painted it the same color as the base on the cabinets -- it clashed as it was before. I had the paint already - perfect match.

Here is my di-uh-lemma ~ do I glaze the beadboard -- it has those nice crevices that will just SOAK up the glaze. Tammy was nice enough to leave me with extra glaze - almost a full qt - so I have PLENTY. PLEASE help me make the decision!!

I'm leaving the baseboards the high gloss black ~ there is black in the granite and everyone loves it. I have the black wrought iron pieces that hang on the bar.   They hang between each support thingy - it looks super cool.  They are also a high gloss black.   

Another option ~ I can paint the baseboard on the bar the same chocolate brown/black as the island so it flows .... then I can still glaze the beadboard and it will all coordinate.  I can accent with my black pieces... an idea from Chris!

HELP ME!!!  

PS ~ yes, that is a mcdonald's happy meal bag - no, I did not clean up before I took this picture - just keeping it REAL!! 

PPS ~ Yes, I am going to go back and put another coat of black paint on the baseboard -- I am a messy painter! 


chriskauf said...

the glazed cabinets look wonderful.
here is my take , if you are set on the baseboard being black I would say paint the area in question black as well, because the focus is now on the baseboard , it is where the eye goes because it is so contrasting, if I was lucky enough to have this kitchen and all this lovely space I would glaze the area in question as well as the baseboard , and leave the black accents for elsewhere , hope you don't mind the extra suggestion , its just my opinion.
The kitchen is looking great , I have been toying with glazing my cupboards , they are now plain white and I am battling with messy spills all the time, the glaze would help I imagine.
Chris .

Shawn said...

The bar is too white now, in my simple opinion, so I say glaze it.

Baseboards, as much as I love the black baseboards I'm not so sure. Big white baseboards are my favorite because I feel they make things look larger. I'll have to see it in person, I'm torn.