Monday, February 23, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

Kasey over at ALL THAT IS GOOD is hosting "Friend Makin' Monday" today! Our task is to list 10 things we love!  Now, this is in NO PARTICULAR order! 

1.  Family -- this one is a no brainer!  

My twin sister and me on my last visit to Atlanta.  Yes, we have both invested in bras that you can not see when a flash goes off.  We were totally thinking the nude thing would work - obviously we were WRONG!

My crazy, perfect little family!  Although I am disturbed by my daughter's pose in this one!  Could she have gotten ahold of some old photos from my days of working at Hooters (yes girls, I worked at Hooters -- DO NOT JUDGE ME!!  I made good money and quit as soon as my divorce debt was paid off -- I was one of those 'put an ex-husband through medical school and he leaves you for a nurse' girls - but mine left me for a fellow student! Now they are divorced - once a cheater, always a cheater!  Oh geez,  I think I just choked on a bitter pill .. gulp!)  I have lots of funnnny stories from my days as a Hooters girl - maybe one day I will share!  I know hubby will be proud! HA!

2.  Singing ... I love to sing, whether it be karaoke, in my car, with our church worship team .. it doesn't matter, I am ALWAYS singing.

3.  Old Navy .. love their stuff and they have really NAILED the Spring Season.....very affordable and SUPER cute!

4.  My I-Mac --- once you go Mac, you never go back.  PERIOD!
5.  Chick-fil-A ... an illness of mine - I could eat there 3x/day and NEVER get tired of it.

6.  PUPPIES!!  Could this picture just not make you sick!??!  OH MY GOODNESS, how adorable!  Ours arrives on Saturday ... Ms. Delilah (yes, she is a Golden .. can't WAIT!)

7.  My iPhone ... I tease Chad that if my phone were a man, I would leave him for it. I am undeniably obsessed.
8.  Boots -- in particular, THESE boots.  So sassy and so ME .....
9.  My church ... it has changed my life.

10.  FINALLY -- FOUNTAIN Coca-Cola.  I would drink my own urine before I drank Diet Coke or Pepsi ... seriously.  I was raised in Atlanta, so there really is no other alternative --- EXCEPT Sugar Tea.  Yes, that's what we call it.


AndreaLeigh said...

i love your loves. when we were living in WA, there was NO CHICK FIL A! Yep, three years without chickfila. I was in withdrawals.

that picture of your family is great! and I laughed so hard at what you said about your daughter.

LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

i too have a chic fil a addiction, haha... and im so thankful they sell coke products not pepsi products ;)

Leah said...

Cute list! :) I have to admit I like both coke and pepsi!

Shawn said...

You actually told everyone you would rather drink your own urine. You my friend have more issues than me!

Next Monday we should answer these questionfoe one another, now that would be exciting!

Shawn said...

Questions for, questions for....not foe with attitude...foe

Natalie said...

I totally think we should answer each others questions -- that would be HIGH-LARIOUS!! Prove just how well we know each other -- or not.

Lauren Kelly said...

HAHA!!!! LOVED this!!!!! :o)

Lauren Kelly said...
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Shannon said...

Loved your list!!!!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

OK, give me some Chick-Fil-A! I've been hearing so much the crave about this place (and Sonic ice and soda), but we don't have one close by.

Thanks for popping in my blog yesterday to say hello!