Saturday, February 28, 2009

She's HERE!

I got up early this morning and went to pick up Delilah!  Kennedy was awake before I left and asked me where I was going - I told her I would be RIGHT back!  Luckily, the family that had the dogs lived close by!

This was Kennedy's reaction!  Daddy was holding the puppy.  Yes, that is a trash can lid on the floor and a pile of laundry on the recliner - isn't that what you all have in your living room?

Cameron actually had the best reaction!  He was in the playroom (hence all the toys on the floor) and we actually had to TAKE the dog in there.  He wouldn't get off the computer!  He was so excited ~ the sweetest part was when he said "Do we get to keep her?"
2 VERY happy kids and a tired puppy
We went to visit McKenzie and Abereese.  This is their beautiful dog, Deja' -- she is soooo sweet.  She reminds me of the Shepherd we had growing up.  They look a LOT alike and are smart like people.  Seriously, Deja' can open a door.  I will have to video it and put it on here sometime.  It's the craziest thing I have ever seen and I make her do it everytime I'm over there.  She LOVED the puppy -- was so sweet with her.
Here they are meeting each other -- we are looking forward to them playing together!! I'm sure Reese appreciates me putting this pic on here - she is still not feeling well and we thought a little puppy love would make her feel better.


Yep ~ I think some puppy breath, feet, lovin' was JUST what the doctor ordered!
More pics to come soon!


Jenn said...

How sweet!!! We will have some goodies for the new little sweetie when we see you in April!!

LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

sooo precious! puppies are such a great addition to any home! and ps: yes i have laundry on my club chair right now! oh and on an ottoman, haha...

Shawn said...

Oh I love her!

My girl does look so sick, I'm glad to be home with her.

Some people get the baby itch when they see babies...I get the puppy itch!

AndreaLeigh said...

adorable! so so cute and sweet.