Sunday, February 8, 2009

There are some CRAZY people up in here!

On Friday I was driving home from work. I needed to make a quick stop at JoAnn's. Here in Tampa we have a 'row' of shopping centers and there is a common road that is BEHIND all of these stores. I was coming into the shopping center from the back, less busy road and went to turn RIGHT into the shopping center (mind you, I was already really IN the shopping center, just maneuvering my way around the center). I had received a text message that a little girl we were praying for had passed away and it really caught me off guard - b/c of this, I rolled through a stop sign -- going about 2 miles per hour AT THE MOST.

I pulled in front of a lady.

I did not hit her nor did she hit me.

She didn't even have to tap her brakes (I saw her in my rearview mirror).

I then received a phone call from my husband. I answered it. I was driving through the parking lot, looking for a place to park and I noticed lady was following me. SO I kept going and so did she. I finally stopped and parked and noticed she parked about 7 cars down (when you are friends with police officers, you hear lots of crazy stories).

Said lady stopped at my car and waited. She tapped on my window. I rolled it down and she proceeded to scream at me for running the stop sign. This is what I said to her:

"Let me give you a piece of advice, ma'am. People are crazy. Do not walk up to people's cars and scream at them. YOU NEVER KNOW if someone has a gun in their car and you NEVER know what kind of day someone is having! I suggest you get over it and go on with your day. I am sure you have done the same thing before!"

She proceeded to scream at me and I rolled up my window and told her to have a nice day. Life is TOO short to be screamed at by someone I don't even know AND over something so STUPID. I do know of a lady, in our area, that recently pulled into a parking space that another woman was waiting on. It was innocent. The lady walked up to the other lady's car. She proceeded to scream at the lady. The lady that took the parking lot rolled her window down and the other lady PUNCHED HE IN THE FACE and gave her a black EYE!! The kicker??!! The punching lady had her kids in the car and they witnessed the WHOLE THING!!

Was I out of line?? As soon as I realized I rolled through the stop sign, I kind of panicked, but dang ....


Shawn said...

Girl you're too much..let it go. I guarantee this freak-show of a woman has not thought of this incident since it happened and neither should you. Maybe, just maybe, she was having a day similar to yours and that was her braking point! Thats gives her no excuse to act the way she did but...

WIth that being said you know I will always be on your side!

AndreaLeigh said...

We all make mistakes. I make them all the time driving. I'm lucky I've never had an accident or hurt myself or someone else because of it, and I thank God for it. But I realize I am not perfect, and neither is anyone else. Perhaps she should examine the speck in her eye, so to speak, before she points out yours.

My blood would have been boiling. I think I would have rolled down the window enough to tell her I was calling to cops.

The other day I pulled into a parking space and apparently pissed someone off who wanted that space. I was so worried they were going to key my car or worse that I made up an excuse to stand outside of my car until I saw them walk inside.

You never know...

Lauren Kelly said...

Prime example of where you just nede to kill them with kindness :o)

Natalie Willis said...

All I can say is if the worst thing to happen to her that day was that someone rolled through a stop sign in front of her, then she had a pretty darn good day!! Yeesh!

Kim said...

hahaha!! I'm glad it's not just me!