Sunday, February 22, 2009

This is a small part of what my week consisted of last week ... a LOT of this!

We rescued a yorkie/cairn terrier mix named Star.  She is a sweet girl, but spent the first 3 yrs living with an elderly woman and her yorkie/cairn terrier mix sister.  We adopted both of them, but had to take the sister back b/c she wouldn't come out from underneath the bed.   I don't blame her - sometimes I wish I could hide out underneath the bed as well ..... but I digress.

Star has been a good girl.  She loves men.  She loves to snuggle UNDER the blankets and sleeps with whomever is laying on the couch.  She is low maintenance.

Enter Buddy - 5 mth old Austrailian Cattlehound/mix/mutt whatever -- he is my sister's puppy and he came along when they decided to make the trip down for a week.

I don't think Star likes him.  

Yes, that is me in the background you hear talking - am I the only one who wonders what bloggers sound like?


Lauren Kelly said...

Oh my, how precious!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

He just wanted to play!! He has been a bad, bad boy today. He got a hold of Shawn's shoes but at least I caught him before he tore them up. Take this as fair warning: do not leave your shoes laying around when you get your new puppy!!

Shawn said...

What a trip!

That little rat dog has an attitude! (Jk- you know I love her)

Lauren Kelly said...

Didn't know about Deeper Still in September. That would be awesome to go to. I love Beth Moore. Where is it at???