Sunday, February 22, 2009

PSA ~ Swiffer Dust and Shine

Girls --- this is the BEST. STUFF. EVER. HANDS DOWN ....

I am what you would call a cleaning product ho -- I have them all. If it's on sale, has a coupon, or whatever, I will try it. This has resulted in an accumulation of cleaning products that I do not use. It's quite embarrassing b/c I am NOT a good housekeeper -- just ask Shawn -- no wait, don't, b/c she'll tell you


I sent Chad out to buy some furniture cleaner b/c we were having a party and that's the only time I really DEEP clean -- had a coupon -- he comes back with the Swiffer Dust and Shine.


Plus it smells good!

AND NO, I'm not getting paid or any free product for mentioning this on my blog ... I probably only have 10 people reading this, so what good would it do me anyway.

Just thought I'd share b/c who doesn't love a tip for a product (I've discovered lots of things I wouldn't know about thanks to blogs that recommend products just b/c they love them) -- it cleans everything ... and shines stainless steel BEAUTIFULLY!!

Just don't let it get on your tile floors (if you have them) -- would be disastrous -- don't ask me how I know - I just do.

Happy Sunday!!


AndreaLeigh said...

thanks for the review. I love my swiffer duster and swiffer wet, so I gotta try this.